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: is a new smart Fintech platform founded by Shoppingplus, and is suitable for professional investors. Our mission is to increase innovative investment services within China and the Greater Bay Area, and to provide professional investors with the information on the highest development potential. Through the use of AI structuring, big data analysis and blockchain profile, we are able to provide professional investors with the best investment opportunities while reducing investment risk, making us the best partners for financial institutions. as a Service is the Future of Automation- The business model for buying and selling industrial equipment is rapidly evolving. The convergence of cloud-based solutions for IT infrastructure and the success of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) enterprise software licensing is now influencing how Autonomous Mobile Robot companies are selling their solutions. In a Robots-as-a-Service contract, you only pay for what you consume and all of the deployment, integration, support and equipment maintenance costs are included in the service level contract. Like any subscription business model, you will get better rates by signing a longer term contract with us is a Knowledge-base product development group, Our scope of services includes master planning, integrated project management, electronic engineering, product costing and marketing planning requirement user-central design, audio visual design and integration, proof-of-concept experiments and testing plus development, production and evaluation.

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